How to Pick Prom Makeup for White Dress

Your own prom makeup is never an easy thing to do. At least, this is how it seems to be. No matter how many times you’ve rehearsed this in your head, you never know exactly how you want to dress and what makeup you want to have. But what if you already have a dress? […]

The Most Outstanding Black And Grey Flower Tattoos

Getting an outstanding tattoo can help a person to underline a personal style. A tattoo pattern a person chooses can tell a lot about an identity of an individual. Females usually choose very tender symbols. The men on contrary go for more masculine themes. It is important to know that every tattoo theme can be […]

How to Pick and Wear Beige and Gold Nails

Beige and gold nails are the most classic and extravagant colors to wear. If beige is a classic one, which has been already worn for a while, the gold shade has become a trendy color due to celebrities and fashion designers mainly. Blake Lively, Rihanna, Ashley Graham, and Kim Kardashian frequently appear in public wearing […]